Area Rugs

ProTouch Keeps Your Area Rugs Vibrant and Fresh!

Area rugs add color and pattern to your room decor, and regular professional cleaning will keep them looking bright for a lifetime.

Everyday wear and tear traps unwanted particles and odors in your area rugs, and improper cleaning methods can ruin them by damaging fibers, dulling colors or leaving a messy residue.

The professionals at ProTouch provide carpet cleaning with 220 steam heat and zero residue shampoo for a fresh, renewed rug. We’ll eliminate:

• Allergens such as dust, pet hair and dander
• Insects
• Mold or mildew
• Oil or grease

Call us today at 407-630-8484 to learn more about our easy pricing and monthly specials. We’ll freshen up your area rugs – your satisfaction is guaranteed!