Mattress Cleaning

Steam Clean Your Mattress for a Sweeter Night’s Sleep

Did you know that your mattress accumulates dust, germs and allergens even while you sleep?

Regular laundering of sheets and blankets is not enough to deep clean your bed. Tiny particles, stains and odors accumulate in your mattress over time, and professional cleaning is the best way to ensure a sanitary, allergen-free sleep zone.

ProTouch eliminates mattress invaders such as:

• Dust mites
• Pet hair and dander
• Odors
• Skin cells
• Sweat
• Mold and mildew
• Oils
Our team of professionals will sanitize and deodorize your mattress, guaranteeing a clean, fresh place to sleep.
No matter the size, we clean them all – twin, full, queen, king and California king mattresses. Our deep steam cleaning rids your mattress of the germs and allergens that may disrupt your peaceful slumber.
Tired of counting sheep? Catch your zzzzz’s on a fresh, clean bed. Call ProTouch at 407-630-8484 to learn more about our easy pricing and monthly cleaning specials.