Mobile Detailing

Keep Your Vehicle Like New with ProTouch Mobile Detailing

When you invest in your new ride, you want to keep it looking polished and shiny new – showroom floor fresh.

But you know that’s not always easy living in Central Florida. Our weather, especially the hot sun and driving rain, affects your vehicle’s appearance, as does road construction, debris, dirt and oil that accumulate on exterior paint, tires and rims.

Other factors include:

• Pollen accumulation
• Age and rigorous use
• Pets and kids (dog hair and spills)

Introduce your car to the professional mobile detailing services of ProTouch. We guarantee a sparkling fresh car both inside and out.

Interior overhaul –
• Complete interior vacuum
• Plastic protectant
• Windows, dash, doors, all plastics
• Under seats, rear cabin area

Exterior service –
• Hand wash wheels, wheel wells, door jams, windows and mirrors
• Pressure exterior rinse
• Micro fiber wipe down

Call ProTouch at 407-630-8484 to learn more about our mobile detailing pricing and premium detail packages – including new age waxing, odor removal and interior shampooing.